It’s not what you see but 'what you don’t see' that extends the imagination.’



‘Jackson was deeply moved by what he was experiencing. He was compelled  to make an image that would somehow capture the moment, and freeze the experience before him.  He gathered together as many white pebbles that he could find and placed them on the spots where the sun shone through. For a sizable area of ground, there were hundreds of these small spots of light and as they were being filled with small clusters of white pebbles, they took on a presence of their own. The pebbles white smooth surfaces stood out in sharp contrast against the texture and moodiness of the darker green grass. Having completed that, Jackson moved backward, with just a few pebbles left in his hands, which he ceremoniously placed on the last of the clusters near him. One here one there, carefully not to dislodge the small mounds. He was mesmerized by the sheer light  that was reflected and as he stepped back even more, what emerged between the shapes of pebbled-light was the image of a tree, darkly textured by its shadow on the grass, with its sinewy entangled limbs and leaves, silhouetted against the small mounds of  shiny white pebbles that glistened like beacons.' 

extract from 'Health and safety in landscape gardening' . Anon.






Studio image -2003