THE OTHER IMAGE is a project where reproductions of my past artworks are recalibrated as digital prints in small frames. The images are in part cropped and modified to compliment the criteria of this new arrangement. Each image is a glimpse into its original state when it ws first created. One of the most pertinent changes is that most of the original paintings were painted as squares and here are presented in the traditional rectangular format. This would impose a certain amount of cropping. In addition some of the images are photographs of several of the images framed up. This compliments my interest in the images within the image paradigm. These small frames can be grouped in clusters as is commonly seen about in domestic environments, on mantlepieces and top of cabinets, suggesting a personal familial association and undisclosed vulnurability whis is pertinent to my art practice. (Frames are approximately A5 sizes and can be view individually in slide presentation below.)

14 (3).jpg