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Welcome to the QR Gallery.

Art for the discerning Collector Artworks on display are for sale. Please contact me if you have any questions or wish to visit the Gallery. I am a painter who has been painting the River and its wildlife for 30 years. Please refer to my website for further information. The works reflect my interest in the metaphysical dimension of painting as an extension to one’s thinking.

Enquiries to Ambrose Reisch on 0450302615 / email:

Pelican Group-oil on canvas-92x92cm ($3,000)

Midday Enigma -oil on canvas 30x30cm ($1,500)

Brutus-oil-on-canvas-50x50cm ($1,800)

Galileo-oil on canvas 50x50cm ($2,000)

The Thinker-oil on canvas 35x35cm ($1,500)

English as a second language-oil on canvas 30x30cm ($1,500)

Heir Apparent -oil on canvas- 50x50cm ($2,000)

The Faithful Servant-oil on canvas 35x35cm ($1,800)

Mathematica -oil on canvas-50x50cm ($1,700))

Afternoon Biscuit-oil on board-60x50cm ($2,000)

Flat Rock Point-oil on canvas 50x50cm ($1,800)

Vertical hold 11-oil on canvas 50x50cm ($1,800)